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Electronics Technician II

E00158FY16 Civil Engineering Staff
Installs, operates, maintains, and repairs a variety of electronic equipment used for research, instructional, or plant operations activities and supervises other technician personnel in such duties. Troubleshoots and repairs electronic circuits; locates and replaces defective components and makes necessary adjustments and calibrations; tests suspect circuits, modules and components, using osci… View Details Bookmark

Senior Instructional Designer & Technology Specialist

E077FY17 Engineering Human Resources Staff
As a member of a remote learning team, designs, redesigns, develops and maintains high quality, technology-mediated remote learning courses, i.e., inverted/flipped, blended/hybrid, online/distance education, with the college of engineering. Instructional development responsibilities include collaborating with subject matter experts in the planning and managing the design and development o… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Researcher

E083FY17 Aerospace Engineering Staff
The Postdoctoral Research Associate will conduct research in the area of plasma assisted ignition and turbulent combustion. Candidate must have a strong background and training in combustion sciences, fluid mechanics, plasma science and computations to conduct research related to the plasma discharges interaction with reacting media for the improvement of existing codes and development of new c… View Details Bookmark

Director, TEES Turbomachinery Laboratory

E091FY17 Strategic Initiatives Staff
The TEES Turbomachinery Laboratory (TL) conducts basic and applied research into problems of reliability and performance of turbomachinery and provide opportunity for collaborative research among faculty members in the area of turbomachinery and related technologies. The Turbomachinery Laboratory also conducts workforce development in the field, notably through large industrial symposia that p… View Details Bookmark

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

E095FY17 Strategic Initiatives Staff
This Post-Doctoral Research Associate will be within the Manufacturing and Logistics Innovation Initiatives at the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES). Duties include: 1) conduct basic and applied research in logistics, supply chain management, and applied operations research, 2) contribute in writing papers to be published in peer reviewed journals, 3) write grant proposals, and 4)… View Details Bookmark

Technician I

E099FY17 Food Protein Research Center Staff
Assists in planning research on support laboratory methods and techniques, carrying out procedures, and recording results for a series of closely-controlled experiments. Processes agricultural commodities in a pilot plant setting in support of sponsored research. Conducts experiments and technical procedures; carries out research problems; researches literature relating to possible procedure… View Details Bookmark

Program Assistant

E106FY17 Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center Staff
Provides administrative support to key faculty, research staff and administrative personnel. Specific duties vary and are depended on the needs of the office. Assists in the coordination of center program; assists with organizing symposiums and materials; tracks and monitors project budget; maintains program databases; researches and recommends changes to existing programs; assists with proposa… View Details Bookmark

Information Security Analyst III

E110FY17 Engineering Information Technology Staff
The Security Analyst Ill, under direction, serves as technical lead for information technology (IT) security analysis projects or services. Provides technical oversight for the application of and compliance with technical standards. Works as a member of IT security analysis team. Completes reports and summaries for management and users. Works with the business and technical resources to ensur… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Associate

E118FY17 Materials Science & Engineering Staff
This position will work with Professor George M. Pharr to build a new small-scale mechanical testing laboratory and use it in research programs related to nanoindentation and small-scale mechanical behavior of materials. Assigned specific duties and responsibilities pertaining to research activities by Principal Investigator or project leader. Normally, performs research activities of an indepe… View Details Bookmark

Manager, Facilities

E119FY17 Turbomachinery Laboratory Staff
Manage all facility related aspects of a 35,000 square foot research facility, including multiple industrial air compressors and related piping, valves and receivers. Collaborate with principle investigators to oversee the installation of high voltage wiring and high pressure piping for rigs and experiments. Serve as primary safety officer for the facility. Oversee all construction and renovati… View Details Bookmark

Digital Content Coordinator

E121FY17 Engineering Communications Staff
The Digital Content Coordinator is responsible for content strategy, cohesiveness and relevance of web content for the top-level pages of Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station’s agency websites and college of engineering primary website; optimize content for SEO; monitor college of engineering departments web content and branding. Must be able to use assessment tools such as Google Analytics… View Details Bookmark

Business Coordinator I

E124FY17 EPO Asst Dean for Finance Staff
Processes vouchers, requisitions, memberships, and individual reimbursements. Assists faculty and staff with questions and processes related to accounts payables. Allocator for the TEES payment card and travel credit cards. Maintains checkout log for the TEES payment card and travel credit cards. Back up for the TAMU payment card and travel credit cards. Back up for checkout log maintenance for… View Details Bookmark

Academic Advisor III

E127FY17 Computer Science & Engineering Staff
Provide academic advice to current and prospective undergraduate students. Advises on admission, readmission, and transfer. Advises regarding degree programs, academic schedules, course schedules, course planning and selections, and major options. Advises regarding career and educational goals. Advises regarding housing, financial aid, and student services. Advises students with academic, … View Details Bookmark

Instrument Maker III

E128FY17 Mechanical Engineering Staff
In the machine shop evaluates, designs, constructs, modifies, repairs, calibrates, and maintains all types of scientific instruments and instructional and research apparatus and instructs and supervises others in construction and repair of scientific equipment. Works from sketches, detailed drawings, or in conference with faculty and graduate students; perceives the application of equipment; de… View Details Bookmark

Academic Advisor III

E130FY17 Mechanical Engineering Staff
Serves as mid level position which may be required to coordinate and present workshops, coordinate business and academic functions that support student learning and retention, and recruit and advise undergraduate and/or graduate students concerning their educational or career goals, academic requirements, and related personal concerns; provides information on and refers students to University … View Details Bookmark

Multimedia Project Specialist II

E131FY17 Engineering Communications Staff
The Multimedia Project Specialist II is the chief digital storyteller for the College of Engineering and TEES. Produces high quality, high impact videos and photos that elevate awareness of the College and TEES activities. Responsible for creating multimedia communications activities for the College of Engineering, TEES and Vice Chancellor and Dean’s office. This position provides specialized t… View Details Bookmark

Academic Advisor II

E132FY17 Computer Science & Engineering Staff
Provide academic advice to current and prospective undergraduate students. Advises on admission, readmission, and transfer. Advises regarding degree programs, academic schedules, course schedules, course planning and selections, and major options. Advises regarding career and educational goals. Advises regarding housing, financial aid, and student services. Advises students with academic, … View Details Bookmark

Program Assistant

E133FY17 Computer Science & Engineering Staff
Responsible for assisting with the operations in the graduate advising office. Works with the graduate advisor and other advising staff to coordinate processes for prospective students, maintains documentation and records for both prospective and current students, and ensures the advising office is responsive to needs of current and prospective students. Works with advisors and others regardi… View Details Bookmark

Business Administrator I

E134FY17 EPO Asst Dean for Finance Staff
Provides staff support and coordination of a variety of business activities requiring independent judgement, including reviewing business documents for the supervisor or unit administrator and assisting in developing, monitoring and reporting accounts and unit budget data with limited supervision. View Details Bookmark

Inventory & Property Control Coordinator II

E135FY17 Electrical & Computer Engineering Staff
The Property & Inventory Specialist II is responsible for overseeing, coordinating, providing, establishing, and maintaining divisional/departmental management control of systems for property, equipment, inventory, and related functions. Responsible for ensuring organizational compliance with federal, state, TAMUS, and TEES guidelines governing equipment, inventory, and related activities. Prim… View Details Bookmark